Stone Lain Coupe Dinnerware Set, Service For 4, Black Matte

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Stone Lain Coupe Dinnerware Set, Service For 4, Black Matte

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16 Piece dinnerware set – stoneware is hip, cool and trendy. Especially in a fashionable Black Matte. These sets of dishes make a statement.

Dinnerware Service for 4 – includes 4 round dinner plates, 4 Salad plates, 4 bowls and 4 Handled mugs. All with a post-modern lipped rim design.

Black Matte plates, bowls, mugs – 10.25” dinner plates, 7. 5” Salad plates, 5. 6.3” bowls and 12 oz. Mugs have a cool, hip, ebony design.

Material: stoneware – stoneware has an earthy, organic feel. These plates, bowl, cup dish sets bring to mind rustic elegance to the Table.

Dishwasher and Microwave Safe – Made of high-quality, durable stoneware. Each dish and cup is 100% dishwasher and Microwave Safe.

Hip and trendy shape – each plate, bowl and mug is crafted with a post-modern, futuristic design. The Black Matte plates have a rimmed lip reminiscent of Asian fusion restaurants and a Celebrity, jet-setting crowd.

Wedding registry gifts – stoneware dish sets make the perfect housewarming gift for that cool friend. Perfect for young couples, new homes and fun celebrations. Unique kitchen dishes are part of any new apartment essentials.

Home essentials – your home deserves kitchen plates and bowls that make a statement. The Stone Lain stoneware dinnerware Set is a must have for every home. The plates, bowls and mugs will leave your guests in awe.

Wallet friendly – who says that quality dishware sets have to be expensive? Stone Lain stoneware two-piece dinnerware Service for 4 offers high-end dishes at friendly pricing. Now you can enjoy the top without paying top dollar.

Stone Lain – founded around a dinner table, Stone Lain creates magnificent tableware for delicious social experiences. Stone Lain is all about settings: setting the tone, setting the mood, and setting the table to perfection.

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10 reviews for Stone Lain Coupe Dinnerware Set, Service For 4, Black Matte

  1. Menachem M. Shloush

    I bought this set a little while ago and I must say I am very impressed with it. The design is slick and the quality is excellent. They are very sturdy and don’t feel cheap at all. Eating from these dishes has been delightful!The seller was very pleasant to deal with and shipped my product faster than expected.I highly recommend buying this as they are a steal for the price listed. Worth every penny.

  2. MBristol

    Wow, these dishes are amazing! I saw they went on sale almost half off and decided to order two sets of 8 serving so I could dip into a second box if I break a dish. They stack nicely with very little gaps. They seem to be incredibly durable and they are heavy and thick but still light. My daughter hated the plates lip at first until she used the lip to trap the sauce she was dipping her food into and now she’s also in love with the plates. The coffee mugs are awesome! Small enough to allow you to drink your coffee/tea while its still warm and they fit nicely in your hand. The handle on the mug is squarish but its still comfortable. The bowls are the perfect size. I hate big bowls because you forget the depth and end up with more food than you wanted. Plus they also stack nicely. They are soooo easy to clean. Even sticky pie came right off with little effort. They also fit nicely in our dishwasher. If you’re thinking about buying them, just do it. You won’t regret it.

  3. Shimon

    Just used these dishes. Love them!! Great size and nice heavy weight feel. Looks beautiful on my table. Would recommend to anyone in a heart beat! (See attached pics). Packaging was also nice and neat.

  4. Angie Johnson

    THESE PLATES ARE AWESOME! They look just like the pictures (the black is a little more charcoal gray than matte black but I’ll take it lol). The whole set was packaged in a way that would prevent them from breaking during delivery. I’m so pleased with the quality of these plates. They’re beautiful! I’ve gotten so many complements!

  5. UltimateZelda

    I feel like the negative reviews are because people dont know what stoneware actually is. It is clay based, therefore each piece will be unique and may have slight “imperfections”. These are great and sturdy and beautiful. I purchased the darkest one and they look amazing. Theyre heavy and strong but not shatterproof as they are stoneware. The cups are one the small side to me, but we rarely use those.

  6. Tiara Aellis

    I’ve had the same stoneware since my divorce about a decade ago and they’ve been through some travel and a lot of use. I’ve broken a few mugs, chipped a few plates, and a few other reasons pushing me to replace my stoneware. I looked at a lot of options and nothing really appealed to me like these. They’re modern and classy and sophisticated and I wish I’d bought this set earlier (but I didn’t NEED it earlier). I was apprehensive about the grey being too light but it’s only the picture, it’s closer to a charcoal color- which is perfect for me. The size of the stoneware is another happy surprise. My previous stoneware was especially heavy and a bit oversized. I’ve come a long way in my culinary and plating techniques and these are the perfect size for plating. I especially like the shape of the mug and bowl pieces. All in all, I have no complaints. I love this set. I chuckled a bit at the advertisement saying it looks like stuff the celebrity jet set crowd would use but yea, they’re ultra modern and hip. Dishwasher safe, because I’m not handwashing anything with this germ phobia.

  7. Enrique Vargas

    I am a chef and I have to say that this is an amazing set of kitchen Ware, beautiful, strong, I was able to do a dinner and create an amazing presentation due to the shape of these plates.The quality is of plates twice the price. Well worth it and I highly recommend them.

  8. J Mercier

    I’ve held back on my review because I wanted to see how these dishes hold up. I have not been disappointed.These dishes have a good heft to them so you know they are solid. There were no major defects. I did notice a few small areas were the glaze had collected on an edge but it’s minimal and only noticed because I scrutinized them.I purchased the black set. So far I have not seen any knife marks and we’re use these daily. They clean up easy. Stack great.I was hesitant to order these based on a comment about deliver issues and a person not receiving the proper amount. I received these in two boxes, 1 of 2 shipments that arrived together. I am wondering if those complaining didn’t have a later shipment arrived or investigate the second tracking number (I had two numbers)They are pricey, but worth it. I am considering getting a second set just in case we break any.

  9. Angela Jimenez

    I looked at probably 100 reviews for these dishes as well as looked into other similar looking ones. I wanted black matte and these looked simple and elegant. My husband who didn’t “get them” saw them and after 1 meal loves them just as much as I do. I was super careful with them the first week, put them in the dishwasher carefully. They are made to stack but because each dish is unique, the shape doesn’t always let them stack perfectly. I don’t have a problem with this. We had steak and my husband uses the steak knife on the plates like the meat isn’t dead yet, so inevitably, there are already a few minor scratches. They aren’t obvious though and over time well, they will all look used but still elegant. Since buying them a few months ago, they look amazing still even after more steak with hubby and I even let my toddler help unload them from the dishwasher. Sturdy as ever. I’m happy I bought this set. I got the mugs as well and (maybe its the sleep deprivation lately) but I SWEAR my coffee tastes better out of these mugs. Hope this is helpful!

  10. Rebecca

    Alright, I’ll admit it. My dishes were completely unacceptable for someone my age. I won’t mention that age but let’s just say I still use one of my Son’s favorite 🦕Dino plates & he is in college.I saw these on sale randomly & since I thought they were pretty I couldn’t justify not getting an 8 piece set for the price.Since we are a family of 8, my husband demanded that I “double down” on becoming a real adult & I ordered 2.👍 Packaged almost too well. It took me what felt like forever unboxing but there wasn’t even the slightest scratch, on not one piece.👍 Stack together seamlessly. I now have more dishes but also more space in my cabinets (is this the reason people have matching dishes?)👍 Extremely dishwasher friendly. Not just safe but the design of these help fit more in the dishwasher.🤔 I’m sure they will scratch easily but I used a few plates I purchased at pottery barn nearly forever ago & those were the easiest scratches ever. That’s why we have the extra set for guests 😂I don’t love the square type handle on the coffee cups but we are family that each keep & use their favorite mugs so those will mostly serve as backup.Overall they are ✨BEAUTIFUL! I like how heavy & unique they are. The bowls aren’t too small (which has made me decide against buying other sets that I’ve liked)I looked at other collections from this company & they really have some beautiful stuff. I’m extremely happy & excited with my purchase!(But I’m keeping my 🦕Dino Plate!)

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