Stand Mixer, Techwood Electric Food Mixer, 6QT 800W 6-Speed Tilt-Head Kitchen Dough Mixer with Stainless Steel Bowl, Dough Hook, Wire Whip and Beater

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Stand Mixer, Techwood Electric Food Mixer, 6QT 800W 6-Speed Tilt-Head Kitchen Dough Mixer with Stainless Steel Bowl, Dough Hook, Wire Whip and Beater

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🍰 POWERFUL MOTOR: 800W high performance pure copper motor drives metal gears to make the mixing process quickly and thoroughly. With handy 6-Speed control and a pulse function, access to multipurpose and a variety of recipes.

🍰 6QT CAPACITY BOWL: Food grade stainless steel bowl, durable and safe. The large capacity of 6QT is enough to meet a home kitchen needs and easily make cakes, breads, cookies, salad, etc. You can enjoy the fun of baking at any time.

🍰 MULTIPLE ATTACHMENT SET: 3 different accessories for versatile usage, including whisk, dough hook and mixing beater. The splash guard with access hatch helps add ingredients without making a mess.

🍰 TILT-HEAD DESIGN: The tilt-head design mixer makes access to install or uninstall mixing bowl and accessories easily and also more convenient to add ingredients during mixing process. The anti-slip silicone suction cups from the food mixer make steady and safe in your recipe.

🍰 GET YOURS NOW, RISK-FREE: Techwood offer a outstanding 30-day hassle-free return policy & 18-month promise. We assure you that no other stand mixer beats our products’ high-caliber quality & efficiency. Our products are all covered by Product Liability Insurance of United States. For details, please refer to the instruction manual.

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10 reviews for Stand Mixer, Techwood Electric Food Mixer, 6QT 800W 6-Speed Tilt-Head Kitchen Dough Mixer with Stainless Steel Bowl, Dough Hook, Wire Whip and Beater

  1. cjadams14

    My 15 year old stand mixer died a few days before Christmas. This one was more cost effective and has considerably more power. I made bread start to finish in less the 90 minutes!

  2. Brittany

    Love my new mixer and the look of it is beautiful! Works great! And powerful

  3. Yanshen Su

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     This is a review after my 3-month use of this stand mixer. Overall, I am very satisfied with this mixer, it offers great power (800W) with affordable price (compared to KitchenAid), and the design details also makes me happy.Before buying this mixer, I actually first bought the Aucma stand mixer (the pink one shown in pic 1) and returned it. That was my first experience of buying mixers. One design flaw, to be honest most stand mixers will have, is there is no splatter guard on the dough hook. This is very important! Without that, the dough will climb up the dough hook like what’s shown in pic 1, getting stuck into the spring and the connections with the main base, which is very difficult to clean. I tried getting those dough out from the spring using needle, which wasted a lot of my time. And there is no way to stop the dough climbing up the hook. I have to keep an eye watching the dough to avoid climbing, and this stalls me from multi-tasking during baking. I did search a lot online for the solution, for example, 1) “this climbing is a normal phenomena which indicates the beating is done”. I personally don’t believe so because the dough start to climb within 3 minute of beating, which is far from done; 2) “The dough is too wet, try adding less water, or adding some dry flour during the beating”. But different recipes requires different water amount to make different tastes and flavors, and this should not be a solution. I did try adding dry flour in between but it didn’t help; 3) “the speed is too slow, try a higher speed so that the dough can be thrawn away from the hook”. But most mixer brands don’t recommend to use a speed higher than 2 for dough as the horsepower will decrease at an higher speed, and it may cause the motor to overheat if running at high speed for a long time.In short, nothing will stop the dough from climbing except a splatter guard. That’s why I purchased this one from Techwood. You can see the difference of dough hooks from two brands in pic 2. And all parts from Techwood is shown in pic 3 — all of them have the splatter guards. I would say it may not be very necessary for beater and wire whisk to have this splatter guard, but it should have for dough hook (and that’s how KitchenAid does it). I personally would like to buy things in one stop perfectly, so I bought this with all parts having splatter guards.The seller says the wire whisk, beater and dough hook are dishwasher safe. I tried putting whisk into dishwasher and its paint doesn’t get washed off, which is great. I haven’t tried dishwashing beater and dough hook, but I expect it to be Okay too. The seller doesn’t say that the bowl is dishwasher safe. I also haven’t tried this, but I always put the bowl into dishwasher without adding pot, and just use the hot water to pre-wash the bowl for 2-3 cycles. Then I take it out and hand-wash myself, which is also very convenient.

  4. Taylor

    The suction power is awesome. Nice size, great motor and love attachments. Very happy with purchase.

  5. Armin A. Schmidt

    Great for the money – of course there’re better ones for 250% more. Will do great for the job it’s intended to do (mixing ingredients to make bath bombs), and I will buy many more in the near future; it arrived on time and in excellent condition, even thru it was shipped in it’s own packaging without an outer box..I only wish the seller would also offer replacement parts (additional bowls) under the original listing.

  6. Christina

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     The pandemic has made me enjoy baking at home more. And this machine makes baking much more effortless! I am fine with kneeling doughs by hand but using this machine saves me time so that I can get more cooking done at the same time. This mixer is super powerful though the noise was scary when I first used it. Later I got used to it and it just mixed everything nicely within a blink of an eye. The manual was short but clearly stated which mixing head to use with what speed from the machine. It may take a few tests and trials but this mixer appears to be a very heavy duty one. The capacity is also satisfying. It meets my needs for my daily baking and I do recommend it for people who are looking for an effective and economic stand mixer.

  7. Diane

    I just got this and today have made two different kinds of bread. I had been without a stand mixer for months and was excited when this came up on sale from my wish list. I most often use a stand mixer for my breads. It worked fabulously! It seems to have a strong motor and kneaded my dough perfectly. The suction on the bottom worked great and my machine never moved at all. It is a pretty quiet machine at least compared to my old machine. I love the bowl cover and could add additional flour from the opening. Very easy machine to operate and my results so far were excellent.

  8. Candy

    I started to learn baking few months ago . And this stand mixer helps a lot. It’s 800 watts, storage enough to make nice dough for bread. It goes dough hook, wire whip and beater ,nice for all baking and mixing need.

  9. Larry Newman

    Shipping: Very fast. Well Packed. Make sure you find the dough hook and mixer attachments that are packed in a styrofoam pocket. The whisk was installed in the mix head.First impressions: Mixed a 500 gram bread dough. Excellent power with no sign that it was working very hard. Only used speeds 1 and 2. Other reviewers mentioned a loud operating noise, but I did not find that an issue. I cannot compare to the Kitchen Aid as the market leader, which is probably quieter. I selected this model partly due to the 800 Watt power rating and the reported metal mixing gears. Hope that is the case but I cannot verify without taking it apart.Overall, the unit is surprisingly light, probably due to the plastic vs. metal housing. The stainless mixing bowl is quite light but adequate for the job. I liked the shape with the narrowing at the top. I recall my mother’s stand mixer with a straight-sided bowl. The bowl easily and securely locks into the base. I found the suction cups work very well on my smooth counter top.The enclosed spatula is just OK. Ideally, get a curved silicone scraper to clean dough from the mixing bowl.Overall: At 1/3 the cost of the Kitchen Aid, this is an excellent value, especially if you will be moving it about. When is doubt, aim for the greatest power rating if you plan to knead bread dough. (800 watt-rated for this one, while some are as low as 350 watts.) If you have plenty of counter space, it is attractive enough to leave out.I’ll plan to follow up this review after I am able to use it for more jobs.

  10. Samantha Prado

    Just a great addition to your kitchen appliances. Easy to use and I loved the different paddles/beaters, really convenient and easy to change/clean.

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