BEAST 30oz Blossom Tumbler – Stainless Steel Insulated Coffee Cup with Lid, 2 Straws, Brush & Gift Box

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BEAST 30oz Blossom Tumbler – Stainless Steel Insulated Coffee Cup with Lid, 2 Straws, Brush & Gift Box

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🌟 EXCLUSIVE BONUS BUNDLE – Offering unrivaled value for money: 2 unbreakable straws: 1 curved; great for water + 1 wider & straight; ideal for shakes & smoothies + a straw brush & our upgraded pop up lid for super easy cleaning! Presented in a beautiful Gift Box. With so many second-rate tumblers available on the market we wanted to set ourselves apart and be the best!

❄ #1 INSULATION & TEMPERATURE RETENTION – Over engineered and tested against leading brands. Our Tumblers match performance all day long and with our splash proof closable lid you can keep your drinks insulated and protected for longer!

☑ #1 PREMIUM QUALITY – While other steel tumblers out there may use a cheaper 201 steel finish; we’ve cut no corners! Made only from the Highest Quality Premium 304 18/8 Food Grade Stainless Steel.

🎨 #1 SUPERIOR FINISHING INSIDE & OUT – Your tumbler will always feel smooth to the touch with a sweat-free design, and will keep its stylish colorful finish due to its long-lasting powder coating. No rust or scratches like painted exteriors. An electro-polished interior will ensure your cups remain pure, imparting NO unwanted flavors, giving you a clean tasting drink every time!

💯 LIFETIME GUARANTEE & 100% SATISFACTION – Enough of the cheap plastic & second rated tumblers on offer. We know you deserve the best and that’s why our products and service is second to none. All Greens Steel Products come with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE! 100% Satisfaction or your money back. Order now and put us to the test! Don’t settle for any less.

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10 reviews for BEAST 30oz Blossom Tumbler – Stainless Steel Insulated Coffee Cup with Lid, 2 Straws, Brush & Gift Box

  1. Steph Doll

    I’ve been using this cup for 6 months and I absolutely love it. It gets used daily and it still looks great. I’ve dropped it a couple of times as well without any damage to the cup. I love that it comes with two straws and a cleaning brush for them.I don’t like ice and only use water from the fridge and it still stays cold for hours. Occasionally I put coffee or tea in it and it stays hot for a long time. Once the cup is half empty the drink does get cooler faster.I’ve seen some people’s concerns about not being able to clean the lid properly and mold accumulating under it. It is actually easy to clean and I’ll include pictures. Make sure the sliding closure is closed and then flip the lid upside down. Push on the sliding piece through the little hole that you drink out of and it pops right out. Now you can wash it and then put the sliding piece back in the closed position and push down and it snaps right back in.I definitely recommend this cup to anyone who wants a good quality metal cup that keeps drinks hot and cold.

  2. tackless

    I haven’t tried this on anything cold as I bought it as a traveling coffee mug. People are saying about 4 hours plus keeping their coffee hot. I did not find that. After 2 hours it was still hot enough to drink but I would not call it hot at all. After 2 hours it was still hot enough to drink but I would not call it hot at all. 2 hours and 10 minutes later it was a hundred and 18 degrees. That’s not hot. That being said I really like the cup and the fact that the lid has an easy slide open closure. It’s a nice looking unit and I’m more or less happy with it. Would I buy this again , na I think I would try another one just to see if it does better. Was this one worth the money I think so.EDIT . I just took the temperature of my coffee when you first pour it. It is very low. Only a hundred and 30 degrees. I probably should have done this first before I wrote my review as it changes what I feel. This cup only lost 12 degrees in 2 hours and 12 minutes that’s really not that bad at all. And I now changed my mind I would definitely buy another one of these. Sorry for the confusion but I want you to know the facts.I did a little experiment. I filled the cup three-quarters of the way with crushed ice and let it sit. After 36 hours it’s still had a ball of ice in the cup. That’s pretty impressive

  3. PattiLovesAmazon

    When my son showed me his (big brand name) cup, I was really coveting one like it! But when I found out the price, I just couldn’t spend that much for one. But, getting tired of having to further water down a drink to have it cold, or drink it warm (yuck), I decided to comparison shop. It took me a while, but I found the Beast and checked out videos comparing it to the other brands. It really is a much better deal than even the (big name brand) one that comes with a lid that doesn’t close at all (of course you can order one for additional cash), no straws or cleaning brush (you can order those too, for even more money), and doesn’t seem to perform any better, but costs lots more! So, unless you’re in it for the big brand name recognition or spending lots of money, the Beast is a great buy! I love that the drink I put by my bed for night time drinking is still full of ice in the morning…or if it was left over from earlier in the day, it’s still cold. I’ve actually put water in it with lots of ice in the morning, refilled it several times without adding any more ice, drunk some during the night and it’s either still got ice in it in the morning or is still very cold. I also purchased the Beast Handle 

    Greens Steel Beast Handle for 30oz Tumblers Rambler Cup – Black

    , and I’m very pleased with it…it grips the 30oz cup very well, and doesn’t get in the way when I put it in my cup holder in my vehicle.BTW, The packaging of the Beast is great, and I believe that should I have any problems with it, the customer service will be excellent! I’m probably going to purchase some in the future for gifts!

  4. Trina Peddicord

    Love this. Wasn’t sure since we also have a Yeti, but this is great. Keeps everything cold and comes with stainless straws and cleaning brush. Loved it enough to buy another one in plain stainless.I did also buy the handle so just a warning, the blue handle does not match the cup. Although a slight color difference it is not the same. So if you are like me it will drive you crazy and not use it. I’ll use the blue handle on the plain stainless I guess. Definitely recommend cup, straws (which are my new favorite thing) and the handle which is less clunky and more sleek than Yetis. Just watch the color matches*Update*7/16/19Still loving it. Washes well. I put it in the dishwasher and has been fine. Straws get discolored after awhile if drinking dark colored drinks. Not a deal breaker.

  5. JELF

    This cup is beautiful the color was just like the one in the picture my sister loved it!!!!!The straws with cleaner was an added bonus. Thank you for the prompt shipping got here just in time for her birthday.

  6. supee1117

    Never having owned a Yeti I can’t compare the two. What I can do is write about my experience. We drove to Florida from NY And I filled up my cup with cold water. We left at 9 am, I finished my water by 6pm and it was cold the whole time.Better story, I filled the cup up with ice and water the next day at 8:30 am and had ice cold water until we arrived at 6 pm. But the surprise was the next morning I hadn’t finished all the water and when I took a sip of what was left it was still ice cold and had some ice in it also!I love the straws as well with the brush for cleaning. That in itself is a plus. And it DOES NOT leak from the lid. Not a drop!I had thought if I keep the straw in the cup it will probably make the cold water not last as long. WRONG! As you can tell it wasn’t affected at all.So if you are on the fence about purchasing this, get off and purchase it. I bet you won’t be sorry.

  7. Karen K

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     I see that most people love the tumbler as do I. I use it primarily for coffee and find that it keeps it hot for hours. I did have the same complaint as everyone with not being able to remove the sliding mouth cover that clean it. However, with that being said there is a way to remove it. Whether or not the attached video shows this is functioning as designed or not, I’m not sure….. but if many people are willing to throw out a $20 + tumbler because you cannot clean it then what do you have to lose. I have been using two of these mugs for the past several months and continue to use them without fail.

  8. Em

    OK, let me tell ya’ll about this BEAST!! It is self explanatory right there in it’s name!! Ya’ll I put ice in this cup as soon as I received it in the mail (of course after washing it) at 2:07 pm and it stayed frozen FOR OVER 24 HOURS!!! What, 24 hours? YES!! I couldn’t believe it, I had read other reviews before I bought it and was impressed by what other folks were say’n, I don’t like drinking anything without ice in it and a lot of the other reviews stated that it held ice for 12 hours. Now mind you, I was inside and kept it filled with water the whole time and at 2:07pm the following day I took this picture of what was left after the 24 hrs…. I know right!? I dumped the remaining ice in a bowl so you could see better. And to think I was going to pay at least double the money for a Yeti cup SMH. I have not checked how long hot beverages will stay hot, but I’ll update this review when I do. I’m planning on getting more of these to give as Christmas gifts this year. Peace and Love until then <3 enjoy your BEAST TOO!

  9. Amazon Customer

    I love the fact that it keeps the water water cold, ice will last overnight. I am not fond of the lid, as far as I can tell the top slide does not flip open and it is always moist in there, I am not going to be surprised if it ends up with mold. I have not had it all that long, so I am hoping it does not.** I am changing my review since they have updated me on how to remove the lid to clean… Now that I know this can be dried out, I have to give it 5 stars!! Thank you for you quick response and for letting me know how to clean the lid.. much appreciated

  10. Jonathan Brett

    8-16-16: This is an updated review. I also changed my star rating from 3 stars to 5 stars. Read on for explanation.This is a really good quality tumbler. Feels solid and looks very good. The finish is impeccable.The lid fits nicely – not too tight, not too loose.The straw is great for water-type liquids but if you want to drink thicker drinks like shakes, get a larger diameter straw.The first one I received, I was a bit disappointed because I was getting condensation on the outside. Since all my other s.s. insulated water bottles were of the closed-lid variety, I had nothing to judge if this was normal for this type of vessel. I assumed this was normal with this type of lid. So I lived with it for several months. I had given it 3 stars because of this. Out of curiosity, and to give this company the benefit of the doubt, I did the following:8-13-16: I emailed the company last night to let them know about the condensation on my tumbler, just to see if this is normal with this type of containerlid. They responded back within an hour, ON A SATURDAY NIGHT, and said it was not normal. They asked me some questions in which I answered later last night. They responded first thing this morning, ON A SUNDAY MORNING, and immediately sent me a code for a replacement tumbler on Amazon. Now THAT is exceptional customer service, second to none. Once I receive the new replacement tumbler, I will update this review accordingly.8-16-16: Upon receiving the replacement tumbler today, I immediately filled it, along with the original one, with ice water, to compare them. It didn’t take long to realize that the original one was indeed a defective unit which had lost it’s vacuum (or never had it). Like it has been doing since day one, it formed condensation in a short amount of time. After several hours, the replacement tumbler was perfectly dry, even on this humid day.Understanding that EVERY company that produces products will have SOME of those products defective in one way or another. No company produces perfect products 100% of the time. Because my original tumbler was proven to simply be a defective unit, and not a problem with the design, I cannot maintain a 3 star rating if I am to be objective. HOW a company handles their defects is what it’s all about. And THIS company was second to none in standing behind this product. And the NON-defective product is fantastic and worthy of 5 stars, assuming it holds it’s vacuum for a reasonable amount of time.For those looking for a handle, this Thermik handle fits it perfectly:https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B01A7VKQD2/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

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